Mutant Devolution

by Scythe | Synth Army

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    releases 10 November 2014

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Bixby Snyder & Jon of the Shred - Paragon
Hide and Sequence & Jon of the Shred - Blood Run
Jon of the Shred - The Chase Begins
Jon of the Shred - Mutant Devolution
Ed Harbinger & Jon of the Shred - Legacy


Scythe is three tales that all take place simultaneously in the wake of the great Circuit Board Lunacy. This takes place 1 year after the events of the Apocalyptic Dawn. It appears the Impaled, the ravenous undead that ripped through a Paragon laboratory and ended Scythian society, is only the beginning of the planet Scythe's troubles...

Back at Camp Terror, Paragon officials and foot soldiers have filed into their truck convoys, grabbing as much of their research, technologies and biological weaponry. They journey South, beyond the Wall of Rot and into the dreaded Zu-Rakeen desert. Upon reaching the edge of the desert, the convoy must now travel through the infamous Blood Run, a perilous trading route through the Death Canyon. they are ambushed by the cannibals who have been banished from the Scythian cities. A third of Paragons convoy is taken out, and the rest flee down into the tunnels below the canyon. The cannibals, upon surveying their spoils of war, mistakenly unleash the 8X-17 serum, turning them into mutants. As the mutant faction grows, they head towards the northern most part of the desert. There they siege the Wall of Rot, a sizable amount of them making it over the wall. They now lay waste to the last remaining vestiges of society, ravaging across the Scythian countryside.


releases 10 November 2014

Bixby Snyder


Protector 101

Ed Harbinger

Jon of the Shred

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