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    releases 26 September 2014

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DATAStream & Jon of the Shred - Meganet
Python Blue & Jon of the Shred - Frozen Soldiers
Miami Supercops & Jon of the Shred - Avenging Force
Riddlis & Jon of the Shred - Everlasting Winter
Dakarius & Jon of the Shred - Cybernetic Resistance
20SIX Hundred & Jon of the Shred - A Clash of Steel and Circuits
Beatbox Machinery & Jon of the Shred - Sector Alpha Centauri
Hide and Sequence & Jon of the Shred - Harvest of Insanity
Quantum & Jon of the Shred - Entity
Cluster Buster & Jon of the Shred - The Centaurian Heist
KFDDA & Jon of the Shred - Euphoric Damnation
Bixby Snyder & Jon of the Shred - Paragon
Killstarr & Jon of the Shred - Over the Desert Plains of Zu-Rakeen
Hide and Sequence & Jon of the Shred - Blood Run
Mutant Devolution
Protector 101 & Jon of the Shred - Sieging the Wall of Rot
Ed Harbinger & Jon of the Shred - Legacy


Scythe is three tales that all take place simultaneously in the wake of the great Circuit Board Lunacy. This takes place 1 year after the events of the Apocalyptic Dawn. It appears the Impaled, the ravenous undead that ripped through a Paragon laboratory and ended Scythian society, is only the beginning of the planet Scythe's troubles...

As the dust settles upon the burning Camp Terror, three groups set out in different directions. The Meganet system has gained full sentience and has hijacked the Paragons train convoy, heading north towards the Ocean of Ice, an avenging force. But when the cybernetic resistance arrive, a clash of steel and circuits commences. The Meganet cyborgs wind up battling the Frozen Soldiers, a barbarian race that live outside of Scythian society, free of it's dystopian rule, high in their mountaintop homes. Blood and circuits stain the snow as the deadly quarrel escalates.

Meanwhile, what remains of the Camp Terror rebel alliance has escaped to the edge of the Forest of the Impaled, meeting up with the Lone Musicians army. Joining forces they flee together into Sector Alpha Centauri, a hellish bog deep within the Forest of the Impaled. There they stumble upon an illegal drug manufacturing plant, where the terrorist organization Euphoric Damnation draws up the Entity drug from deep within the swamp. Entity is a powerful substance that causes violent and dangerous overdoses, and Euphoric Damnation is planning to use this drug in an effort to wage war against Paragon. The rebel alliance watches from afar as the Wasterider biker gang invades the drug manufacturing plant. A bloody battle between the Wasteriders and Euphoric Damnation movement ensues.

Back at Camp Terror, Paragon officials and sentries have filed into their truck convoys, grabbing as much of their research, technologies and biological weaponry. They journey South, beyond the Wall of Rot and into the dreaded Zu-Rakeen desert. Upon reaching the edge of the desert, the convoy must now travel through the infamous Blood Run, a perilous trading route through the Death Canyon. they are ambushed by the cannibals who have been banished from the Scythian cities. A third of Paragons convoy is taken out, and the rest flee down into the tunnels below the canyon. The cannibals, upon surveying their spoils of war, mistakenly unleash the 8X-17 serum, turning them into mutants. As the mutant faction grows, they head towards the northern most part of the desert. There they siege the Wall of Rot, a sizable amount of them making it over the wall. They now lay waste to the last remaining vestiges of society, ravaging across the Scythian countryside.

Jon of the Shred


Python Blue

Miami Supercops



20SIX Hundred

Beatbox Machinery

Hide and Sequence


The Maniac Agenda

Cluster Buster


Bixby Snyder


Protector 101

Ed Harbinger

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releases 26 September 2014



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Jon of the Shred Worcester, Massachusetts

In an apocalyptic future, a lone musician and his laser beam shooting guitar stand in solidarity against the oppressive government and their law enforcing cyborgs. Outside the sprawling neon drenched cities lie barren wastelands where flesh eating zombies make their domain, a result of sick scientific experiments conducted by PARAGON. Can PARAGON be defeated by....a man and his guitar? ... more

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